Trump Gets More Time to Challenge Mar-a-Lago Documents, Judge says

"Trump challenge may get longer as exhibits voluminous in secrecy and members' claims"

WASHINGTON – Donald Trump, who has suggested FBI agents might have "planted" evidence during the search at Mar-a-Lago, Trump has suggested on social media FBI agents may have "planted" evidence during the search Aug. 8 that recovered 11,000 documents.

Trump gets more time to challenge

Even President Donald Trump needs more time to challenge the release of documents from his Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida.

U.S. District Judge Kenneth Marra says in an order Wednesday that Trump and his company get until Sept. 28 to file papers challenging the release of any records from the club dating back to 1995.

The judge had given Trump and his company until Tuesday to file papers challenging the release of any records but extended that deadline because of the volume of documents.

Trump has been fighting in court against the disclosure of records from three of his businesses, including Mar-a-Lago.

1. Money Anyone Can Behave Badly

Is this a valid point of view?

Once anything is out there, nothing anymore is private anymore. Yes, former president Richard Nixon infamously challenged the release of "secret White House tapes".

This was before IT was invented.

Here the president "challenged" the release of records, which were excruciatingly important in a sense.

Trump has copied some of his lawyers' advice from, famous for their "We live in the sherriiest house in America", phony motto.

Will Putin Resign

2. "Cheating document — Secret money but questionable claims"

It's no surprise that many of the most expensive houses in the U.S. usually come with dodgy documentation as Lamar County, Georgia real-estate records bear out.

Andrew Harris, chief executive officer of Quail Run Foundation, a nonprofit that educates students about land conservation and financing, was hired as a consultant to document dozens of homes that had been neglected or used as straw buyers, Lakemark paid millions in straw-mortgage swaps as it scrambled to keep a lid on its portfolio of distressed loans during the mortgage meltdown.

'You've got to be careful, so you are asking the question,' Harris, who has bought and restored a number of homes, said. 'Entirely possible you may know the community. It's possible, but you need to understand the community, the history.'

One property at 2195 LaCrosse Road in Marietta owned by Lakemark, for instance, had sites of land owned by two families, Lakeside Estates, which sold bond-backed revenue bonds for some land in Bedford in 1979-80, according to newspaper articles.

Similarly, the tennis courts are part of a Texas bank's previous-ownership stake in Blue Sphere the tennis court tract in Bedford.

In other cases, a side road 'ought to precede side roads,' Harris said.

3. Secret Trump-Related Spending in Europe

President Donald Trump is not just spending; He is spending "bombshells" in secret.

To collect all of his less-known travel costs including stays at his Mar-a-Lago Club, club members are required to provide their own receipts, log-in sheets, and expense accounts.

Trump's club has had at least 4 different owners since 2008. Since Trump took office, the largest expenditures per National Review have gone to the Mar-a-Lago club.

In the first six months of 2018, Mar-a-Lago was in the red by more than $1.1 million costing Trump at least $25,000 alone to remain at his club in Florida.

The President continually breaks protocol and recently disclosed the results of his trip to Singapore for the historic meeting with North Korea's Kim Jong-un. The visit will go down in history as Trump disclosed he was spending upwards of $1 million dollars more than the expense report he and his advisers sent to the State Department earlier that week.

Simple, the President is spending money that is not being disclosed, and that's a randomized, calculated objective of frugality.

4. Final Schadenfreude; the Fighting Clubs That Welcome Trump

The accusation that the real estate magnate might lose money because the Washington DC club will resonate when the primary impact is felt in three other nearby states, evangelical voters of these states are hawkish on their politics. As we saw in the 2016 US general election were a large number of white evangelical have voted for President Trump.

Lastly, the club is only projected to make a loss of $250,000, half of the greater costs.

What the Republican presidential candidate through his legislative lobbyists Research In Motion (RIM) in NY said.

If the club goes bankrupt, then Trump will likely lose a significant source of revenue.

5. In Summing Up, Trump Tweets Will Likely Be Unchallenged

So while this decision seems somewhat ironic -- and in that President Trump's tweets seemed to entirely pass judicial inspection -- it was not going to be easy to get rid of.

No matter the wisdom of the panel, or the scrambling at Trump's company, the U.S. 4th Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond is very rare for its impatience to affirm the whole case.

"We remain skeptical, however, that a forensic analysis of Trump’s tweets will definitively answer the question of whether he sent the June 9, 2016, tweet," the court stated in its order.

So there will be more litigation and more delay.

6. Presideproductionntial secrecy vs. documents

In addition to being documents that are truly special and historical, presidential records are of limited interest and value to the current administration.

There is a very real chance that some of these documents will be extremely embarrassing to Trump. We are not talking about Bieber photos or Melania’s old album. We are talking about his creditors and their loan payments. This archive will shed important new light on how Trump conducted his business.

Historical records might be interesting for cultural historians and important to scholars of American government, but the odds that Trump has already handed over key riding histories files are low.

Trump gets more time to challenge

7. 60-year-old Trump Challenges Public Records Law

In mid-July, Trump senior adviser Kellyanne Conway falsely told cable channel MSNBC that Trump was “not engaged at all in the process” of responding to the lawsuits over public records requests.

However, Trump made public statements planned by his lawyers in the lawsuits as late as last week.

A series of conflicting tweets published in May indicate the Trump Organization is trying to study and understand the documents it has requested from the Palm Beach County property and anything concerning the organization’s balance-sheet between 2015 and 2017 that was communicated during or about the seven-month investigation by Palm Beach County onto Trump’s club.

The New York Times reporters who have been covering the Trump Organization for more than a year say they are only now starting to understand the breadth of the president's business interests and the complexity of his financial dealings

"There is no one thing that Trump is trying to hide," said one person who has reviewed many of the documents. "He's built an empire and he's managed it with absolute secrecy."

The legal battle over Trump's tax returns may be heating up, but it's just one skirmish in a larger war to determine just how much the president and his family owe to the American people. As more evidence comes to light, it seems increasingly likely that the Trump challenge will get longer, and involve more members of Congress.

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