Putin Mobilises More Troops for Ukraine, says West wants to destroy Russia

Russia President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday ordered Russia's first Mobilisation since World War Two. Warning the west that if it continued what he called it is "Nuclear Blackmail" that Moscow would respond with the might of all It's vast arsenal.

Russia - Ukraine war news

"If the territorial of our country is threatened, than we will use all available means to protect our valuable people - this is not a bluff," Putin also said in a televised address to the nation, adding Russia had "lots of weapons to reply".

Moreover, Russia's defence minister said the partial mobilisation will see 300,000 reserves called and up would apply to those with previous military experience.

Putin's partial mobilization significantly escalated the conflict over Ukraine, and Russia fought off a Ukrainian counteroffensive that forced its troops to retreat and surrender some occupied territory.

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Also you don't know that Putin said the military mobilization of his 2 million-strong military reserve was in part to protect Russia and its territories, claiming the West did not want peace in Ukraine.

Moreover Putin's speech was a worrying escalation and the threats he made in it must be taken seriously, British foreign office minister Gillian Keegan told Sky News.

"It's obviously something that we should take very seriously because, you know, we're not in control — I'm not sure he's in control either, really. It's obviously an escalation," he said.

We notice that Global oil prices rose after Russia's ruble fell and Putin's comments.  The war has already driven up food  prices around the world.

Vladimir Putin

'Liberate Ukraine'

Putin reiterated that his goal was to "liberate" the Donbas industrial region in eastern Ukraine, and that most people in the region did not want to return to being "yoke" to Ukraine.

We all know that Russia already considers Luhansk and Donetsk as independent states, which together form the Donbass region, which was partially occupied by Moscow in 2014.  Ukraine and the West consider all parts of Ukraine held by Russian forces to be illegally occupied.

In fact Russia now holds about 60% of Donetsk and had captured nearly all of Luhansk by July after slow advances during months of intense fighting.

And Those gains are now under threat after Russian forces were driven from neighbouring Kharkiv province this month, losing control of their main supply lines for much of the Donetsk and Luhansk front lines.

Ahead of Vladimir's speech, in an apparently coordinated move on Tuesday, Moscow-based leaders in the occupied territories of four regions of Ukraine announced plans to hold referendums on joining Russia in the coming days.

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