Android 13 New Features, Size, Updates, Launch Time

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In February, Google made the first beta version of Android 13 for developers, and in April, and the company made the first version of Android 13 for the general public. 

Android 13 New Features

Android 13 New Features

Thanks to Google's developer preview and many betas, we've already had a chance to test Android 13 in detail;  Still, the latest version didn't become stable until August 15 this year.  After months of testing, Android 12 is now available on all kinds of cool phones.  Furthermore, this is happening without the need for any opt-in and without any of the risks associated with downloading pre-release software.

We know that, In early February, the first developer preview for Android 13 was made available, giving us an early glimpse of Google's next big update.  Since then, the firm has released a developer preview or a beta version every month, with the full version made available in August.  With this update, Android 13 is rolling out to the latest Pixel phones, including the Pixel 4 and 4a with earlier cut-off dates.

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Android 13 Release Date

I am so excited to Know that Android 13 is currently available for testing with compatible devices.  After months of beta testing, Google has announced that the stable version is ready for download on Pixel smartphones.  Soon, Samsung, Xiaomi, Realme, and OnePlus, along with other Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) will start updating their devices to Android 13 based on their skins.

New pop-up permissions panel

 installing Android 13, you may notice a slightly changed permissions window with more rounded edges when you open an app for the first time.  Additionally, instead of allowing access to "data and media", you can allow access to "photos and videos" or "music and audio", depending on the type of files an application needs access to.

In addition to this, floating pop-ups now have buttons that are more vibrant and easy to see.  The "Allow" and "Don't Allow" buttons will behave by dynamic color settings and theming of your system.

Overflow lock screen notifications

You may notice brief alerts on the lock screen if you have too many unread notifications  This is done to reduce the amount of information shown at once.  The pill will appear smaller and have an app symbol in the form of a line.  Tapping, opening or ignoring any alerts will free up space and remove smaller tablets.

Display size and text menu combined

Added a new menu that combines display size and related text changes into a single, easy-to-manage panel that deals with screen scaling as well as text size and style.  It removes the two-section trick in Android 12 and earlier versions, making things easier to use.

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